Watching the sunset from a hammock..

Oh that would make me a happy woman right about now! Throw in some heat and a cocktail too, and thats even better! ;) So cold and windy  here today outside and inside is not much better!  After the power breakdown last night its only 17C! BRRRRRR!!

Time for Glögg!! The strong one!;)

Snowstorm outside my window..

I’m sitting in my sofa watching some show on TV, but right now I’m looking at the massive SNOWSTORM outside my window!.. Suprised cause It’s only October! But I kind of enjoy it cause I didn’t see snow for 2 years! Oh I wish Man was still here so he could see it and touch the snow for the first time..;)

But I’m not gonna lie, it’s nice to see some snow for a day or a week maybe but that’s enough for me;) After that I’ll be more than happy to escape to my hot Paradise! :)



Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

By Paulo Coelho… I love this quote, it’s a good one!;)

I thought that when ”Man” went home, time would stand still and these five weeks would drag on, but now it has already been a week! And this week has just flown by.. Sure having tour of the house(Our house is for sell) and a lot of work and overtime has helped to pass the time.

So now it’s just about four weeks left until I flee the country for a warmer place! Can you guess where? No? Oh!? I’m going to THAILAND!!:) :)

I need Sunshine in my life..

Sweden is getting too dark and COLD for me now!!Yes! Im more than ready to go back to Thailand! I need BEACHES, heat, SUNSHINE, blue/green water, palmtrees, white sand, swimming, cold coconut shakes, khanom, exotic fruits, manao juice, sangsom:), motorbike rides,(well not after the sangsom:) MARKETS, streetfood, mogata bbq, sticky rice, somtam papaya, waterfalls, green jungle, SMILEY people!, Noodlesoup, HAMMOCKS, thai soap operas;), tuktuk, longtails, Livemusic and MAN!:)

Made a delish Thai Curry ;)

Yes, Man taught me how to cook some of the dishes we like to eat! So that really comes in handy now when we are staying apart. So today I made a Curry and some Chicken Ginger, love it!;) Some Thaifood are not so complicated to cook, in Sweden the problem is more about finding the right things for your cooking.;)

Haha.. I had Man on the phone while I was cooking and he really questioned me about everything I did makin sure it was done right! The cooking police!;)

30 days left to Thailand!! :)

Woop woop! And then I be dancing with the girls again! Happy times as always in the Land of Smiles!;) Funny my height is only 1.68 but in the picture I look like a giant! :) Im glad that Man’s height is 1.72 quite tall for a Thai man!;) This picture was taken on the ”Rasta Home Reggae Festival” in Koh Phangan last year where we had lots of Sanuk Sanuk!:)

Yummi dinner at my Mom’s ;)

A nice Entrecote with potato wedges, asparagus, bearnaise sauce, salad and red wine! And applepie with coffee mixed with Disaronno and cream.. YUMMI!:)

I can hardly belive that I didnt eat any Thaifood for 4 days! But tomorrow after work I gonna cook a delicious Curry.

Man called me before and now he is already staying with his family, feeling strange? he said.. I think he has Jetlag and also he was feeling too hot!;) He told me he will get Internet so I can enjoy later! And that his family will be the first one in the Village to get it!:)

Sounds very GOOD to me!;)

Man arrived safely in Thailand this morning..:)

He called me 05.50 this morning from Bangkok to tell me that everything was OK! And now he is on the bus to Nakhon Si Thammarat, going home to his Family.

I miss him so much! The house feels empty and not the same.. I will try to keep myself busy so the time moves a little bit faster and before I know it I will be back in the Land of Smiles too!;)

Xenophobic crap!

This sticker was the first thing I saw today when I came to my office.. It was on the door. I don’t know who put it there?(offcourse it was an IDIOT that much I know!). Or if it even was a message for me? But it does make me MAD cause I dont care much for racist bullshit like this! For readers who can not read Swedish.. This is a racist sticker and the text sas ”Warning of multiculturalism” :/

And please DON’T visit the website on the sticker cause we don’t need to give them more attention…

It’s only for a short time

It’s only for a short time Man and I will be apart.. But I gonna miss him a lot..;) And he keeps asking me what I gonna eat? So typical ”Thai” to worry most about the food! (Sweet;). Cause normally he is the one doing all the cooking! But I’m sure I will survive and it can be good for me to practice on my cooking skills, cause it has been a while!;)

Myself I worry most about Man’s flight to Bangkok, Oh I wish him a nice trip and that everything goes smoothly! And that they let him carry on his guitar on the plane etc…

Meeting baby Allie



Yes, yesterday we went to meet baby Allie <3 for the first time! She was supercute and we can’t wait to see her again.. And I need to bond extra with her cause it looks like Im gonna be the one holding her on her Baptism as Im her ”God Mother” ;)

And Man he turned out to be a pro at handling babies! Dancing around with her and made her fall a sleep etc. ;)

My second ”home” in Thailand

This was our home in Koh Phangan for the last 2 years..

I really loved this home too! :) It has the perfect location, 100m from our Bar and 250m from Haad Salad Beach..;) And the garden is so green and beautiful and have everything like Coconuts, Cashewnuts, Papaya, Bananas, Mango etc. And it always gave me the best feeling when I open up the kitchen window in the morning and could see the blue sky, palm trees and all that..;)

Lovely Haad Salad Beach..

My first ”home” in Thailand

I fell in love with this little house the first time I drove by it.. And then I asked my friend Nai about it one time when we passed and he said he knew the owner and later called him for me and fixed so I could start rent it! ;)

Its located in a palm tree garden 200 m from the beach, right outside the little Village ”Chaloklum” on the North side of Koh Phangan.. For people who know the Village it’s not so far away from Malibu Beach;)

I really loved to stay in this house and only moved to be closer to our Bar in ”Haad Salad” cause I got tired of driving home late at night..

If you ever are in Koh Phangan looking for the perfect home rent this one..;)