Khao Men Mountain in Nakhon









So Man he wanted to do something nice for me before I left the Village (to make me come back maybe!? ;)so he brought me to this amazingly beautiful place about 20 min with motorbike from his home.. I loved it and it was my best day in Thailand so far! So relaxing and such a stunning view over the green nature. One old man working there told us that it takes around 5 hours to trek to the top and that Japanese people start to come there to get married on the top! Ha ha.. He also told us that there are still Tigers there.. And lots of poison snakes and huge spiders.. I wonder how that goes together with the Japanese Weddings? :)

A weekend in Surat thani



I arrived here in Surat thani yesterday at lunch time and my lovely friend Ursula picked me up at the minibus station together with baby Günther! After that she brought me to my Hotel and then we spend the rest of the day in Central Plaza, Surat thanis new shopping mall that is huge and got everything.. So we ate Sushi and had coffee at Starbucks! Today Ursula and Günther picked me up at the Hotel and we walked around nearby the River playing real tourist, taking pictures and stuff. So much FUN! We also talked for hours about what business we gonna start next….;)

Tomorrow I think I will go to Khanom! And Im superexited about that! :) I also gonna go to Krabi so life is sweet right now..;)

So this is a quick hello from South Thailand!:)

Had some nice days in Bangkok as usual and have now been in Man’s home in Nakhon for 2 night’s already! I have not been feeling 100%, a little bit jet lag but Ok! :) But I am really looking forward to my little mini vacation Im going on soon! So I can get some sleep! ;) Hard here at the moment..

Quite busy in Man’s home with a lot of visitors cause his brother’s wife just got a baby girl, she is so cute!

Then I will have more time to blog too, no internet in Man’s home…

Now Im in Bangkok!! :)

After a rocky start with a crazy almost 3 hours taxi ride from the Airport due to the Redshirts and the Police that caused BIG traffic jams.. I finally made it to the cozy ”Wild Orchid Villa” where my lovely friend Thanwalai works!

Now it’s already 02.00 here so time for sleep, I’m exhausted after 2 nights with nearly no sleep but OH SO HAPPY NOW! ;) Goooodnight!


Stopover in Vienna! ;)

Here comes a picture bomb from my GREAT day in Vienna yesterday!

It started with that I met Yvi at the airport outside the city.. She then surprised me with a visit to a high tower where we had coffee and pastries looking out over the city!

After that we walked around on the biggest shopping street followed by a nice traditional Austrian lunch with Wiener Schnitzel and stuff. And then we went to lots of Christkindlmarkt where we tried all sorts of punsch and hats ;) They have so much fun stuff out on the streets in Vienna.. We also marveled on the beautiful, huge old buildings that are everywhere, impressing! Tried ”Dönner Kebab” when we got tipsy, joined Greenpeace on some demonstration, shopped and had Gummibear Cocktails in a hip Bar! And lots of more so it was an intense but GREAT day! And after I got on my flight to Bangkok..

Spinach same like Popeye ;)

Wiener fashion..;)

Greatest ”Stopover” ever! Thank you Yvi!! ;)

Goodnight from Stockholm..;)

Yes, time for bed.. My wake up call will ring 03.25 tomorrow! Way to early for me but OK when I get to go to Vienna after! I will spend 12 hours there with my lovely friend Yvi! She gonna pick me up at the airport 10.00 and then she will show me the city and also we will visit the ”Christkindlmarkt” I love it! ;)

So maybe not so hard to sleep on the flight to Bangkok after runing around in Vienna…