Thank God, I found my PACKLIST!! I had it for years and years!! The paper has changed color to brown and it’s not so useful anymore but I’m LOST without it!! :)

I need it to feel good it’s a lifesaver when I feel stressed out about my packing… Oh now everything is under control again! ;)

Time to do some packing…


Wild Orchid Villa booked..;)

Now Im back in travelmodeagain! booking hotel and stuff..;) This time I choose the ”Wild Orchid Villa” close to the Rambuttri area that I like! And also because my very good friend Thanwalai works there now so it’s a win win! :) Can’t wait to arrive in Bangkok it’s really my favourite big city.

Last week at work now! Woop Woop!;)

Pictures from Google.

Today I don’t have a feeling for going to Thailand…

Oh my..;) Same thing happen before.. I think it’s the TRAVEL FEVER that hit me!! :) It’s funny that it still can affect me after years of Traveling! :) But I think it’s not the trip that makes me hesitate, it’s more about what I’m leaving behind.. My lovely family etc.

Well well.. I only have to get in travelmode! And I do look forward to hit the BEACH!!

Myser med massa JUL gott!;) (Xmas things;)

Bäst att passa på nu innan Thailand!!;)  På tv:n ”Så mycket bättre” med MISS LI!  Älskar henne hon är GRYM!

Im enjoying yummy Swedish Christmas things like Pepparkakor, Julmust & Glögg & OST!!:) (Gingerbread, Root beer , Mulled Vine) (haha vilket ord!) and cheese..) And looking a show on tv with a really good singer that I love!