3 Places I want to visit..


Places on my wishlist..


Swim with Elephants, enjoy the Beaches and explore and take pictures;)

AndamansThe Andamans



Take photos, eat Sushi, dress up as a Geisha, walk around in Tokyo!

Japan Japan



Diving, Island hoping, Beaches, Learn how to Dance;)

Palau Palau


This is a blog about Thailand! No kidding:)

So I write 99% about THAILAND and express my feelings for the beautiful country with pictures, music and alike.. Nothing new! If you ever read this blog, for sure you noticed my interest for Thailand already…:)

I miss Thailand! :) And I’m not gonna apologize for that.. :)

I got a follower who writes angry comments to me when I mention that I miss Thailand or that I think its cold in Sweden:) etc.(Sometimes I don’t know if she is serious or if it’s a joke?). And she also wrote that she feels sorry for my poor family when I write about my feelings for Thailand, like I’m so ungrateful and bla bla…  Well that’s crazy if u ask me.  Also I should state that maybe sometimes Im not that serious as well..;)

My family is quite used to my long stays in Thailand as it has been years I’ve been going back and forward and I assure u all that they are just fine with the situation as we spend a lot of time together when I’m back here and when they visit Thailand. So no worries! :)

In the meantime I’m so enjoying my time here in Sweden now and the time I spend with my loved ones! But there are so many things I miss from the Land of Smiles as well and that’s not a crime I hope? ;)

Same as when I’m in Thailand and miss some special things from Sweden! Its two completely different Worlds and I’m torn between them! I got two ”home” and trying to make the best of it. And I know that many of my readers are in the exact same situation and I guess… Loving it! :) Everyone is different, with different kind of needs/goals/dreams/values etc. nothing strange with that? Better we all live the life we want and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too!

Here is some beautiful pictures from the country I love so much...

Where I wanna be... Beautiful!<3  Missing the Beach...

Love the Sunsets<3

Nice view..

Perfect dinner place;)

I am such a weirdo for loving this Paradise right!? :)

Nature, Jungle and cute bungalows..

These are a few of my favourite things in Thailand..;)

Beautiful Jungle<3 Cute Hut<3 Peaceful nature<3 Jungle style house bedroom<3 Waterfall<3 Wildlife<3 Cute<3 Nature<3 Bungalow inspo<3 Green Palmtree<3 Cute house<3Bamboo<3

River huts @ Khao Sok NationalPark

Jungle home <3

Me on a Jungle trek ;)

Can’t wait to go back and play with my camera. Thailand have a lot to offer for someone who loves to take pictures like I do! Right now Im hoping for a return in September! That would be really NICE! We will see!?

Let’s dream it, wish it and make it happen! :)

A piece of Thai | ชิ้นส่วนของประเทศไทย

Thailand<3 Thailand<3 Dreamhouse @ Koh Phangan <3 Koh Phangan / Haad Khom <3 Khao Sok National Park <3 Chinese Temple @ Koh Phangan <3 Mangroove @ Koh Phangan <3 Bungalow / Haad Salad <3 Haad Yao <3 Thailand <3 To the beach ;) Yes Please! ;) Thai Sunset <3  Beach Bar <3

Sunset time <3

Life moves fast here in Sweden, so not so much time for the Blog now. I prefer to stay outside and enjoy the Swedish Summer – the best week of the year! :) Today after picking up Man from the Swedish school we went to the little Asia shop here in our Smalltown and found so much nice Thai stuff like Green Longbeans, the small green eggplants, Sweet Basil, Thai Buljong, extra SPICY green and red Chillies and last but not least MANGOSTEEN!! :) My favourite fruit!!;) So after that Man cooked some yummy dishes and it brought me back to Thailand cause it tasted same same…;)