The Hut @ Koh Lanta <3

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When we went to Lanta we stayed @ ”The Hut” that is located next to the Klong Nin Beach. Just a cozy and perfect place to stay with a oldstyle Bamboo hut feeling. The owners and the staff are so friendly so it felt good to be back there for our third visit in 2 years.

Can’t wait to go back there again.. ;)

Nature, Jungle and cute bungalows..

These are a few of my favourite things in Thailand..;)

Beautiful Jungle<3 Cute Hut<3 Peaceful nature<3 Jungle style house bedroom<3 Waterfall<3 Wildlife<3 Cute<3 Nature<3 Bungalow inspo<3 Green Palmtree<3 Cute house<3Bamboo<3

River huts @ Khao Sok NationalPark

Jungle home <3

Me on a Jungle trek ;)

Can’t wait to go back and play with my camera. Thailand have a lot to offer for someone who loves to take pictures like I do! Right now Im hoping for a return in September! That would be really NICE! We will see!?

Let’s dream it, wish it and make it happen! :)