Natural Waterfall Bliss

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This is my favourite Waterfall hidden in the Jungle 10 min outside Khanom. Sometimes I enjoy to swim here even more than at the Beach, cause this water is so fresh cold and clean. Like it best in the late afternoon when the Sun sets and cast beautiful rays through the Jungle and make the most amazing reflections on the water. The feeling to float around there in the green water and lissen to the pouring falls and the animals/insect making their Jungle-sounds is so special. Its like a Natural Spa. A must try if you visit Khanom! ;)

Sunset @ Dat Fa Mountain✨










From another great evening at Khanom’s beautiful Mountain, Dat Fa.

Love my Puppy <3

How cute can a dog be? <3

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Har precis dushat och borstat Cissi lite extra för hon ska till Veterinären idag för Rabies spruta och allmän check up. Intressant att se hur mycket hon väger? Tror hon ligger på ett och ett halvt kilo min lilla mini dog.

Hade turen  att få njuta av denna stora fjärilen till morgon kaffet, så vacker!

Enjoy the small things in life.. ;)