Lunch @ the River Restaurant 🐟

What a nice day… 

Started out with the lovely oldstyle outdoor Gym.


 Then catched up with some good friends.

Then had a really nice lunch with the guys by the River. That restaurant is fantastic with its beautiful settings and good food. 👌🏻







Now off on a Beach walk with Cissi while watching the sun set.

Natural Waterfall Bliss

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IMG_5771 IMG_5767 IMG_5766 IMG_5765 IMG_5757 IMG_5762 IMG_5770 IMG_5763 IMG_5764 IMG_5761

This is my favourite Waterfall hidden in the Jungle 10 min outside Khanom. Sometimes I enjoy to swim here even more than at the Beach, cause this water is so fresh cold and clean. Like it best in the late afternoon when the Sun sets and cast beautiful rays through the Jungle and make the most amazing reflections on the water. The feeling to float around there in the green water and lissen to the pouring falls and the animals/insect making their Jungle-sounds is so special. Its like a Natural Spa. A must try if you visit Khanom! ;)

A beautiful sunset in Sichon✨

We went to this pretty place twice down @ Sichon, its so perfect for a Sunset Lover like myself..














20150414-194004.jpg This spot is now on my top 10 list of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Thailand!

Ta Tong Chinese Temple, Kanchanadit

IMG_1150 IMG_1156 IMG_1152 IMG_1154

Detta vackra färgglada Kinesiska Templet hittade vi av en slump när vi var ute och åkte i Kanchanadit trakten söderut från Surat Thani. Det låg så fint intill floden så vi var tvungna att stanna till ett tag.

Ikväll har vi blivit inbjudna på ”Nunne Party” i en liten by norr om Khanom av Mats och Dee!  Det är Dees syster som ska raka av sig håret och gå i tempel/bli nunna. Ska vara dansuppvisning och grejer så det ska bli kul efter mina stillaliggande dagar..;)