Now Im in Bangkok!! :)

After a rocky start with a crazy almost 3 hours taxi ride from the Airport due to the Redshirts and the Police that caused BIG traffic jams.. I finally made it to the cozy ”Wild Orchid Villa” where my lovely friend Thanwalai works!

Now it’s already 02.00 here so time for sleep, I’m exhausted after 2 nights with nearly no sleep but OH SO HAPPY NOW! ;) Goooodnight!


Wild Orchid Villa booked..;)

Now Im back in travelmodeagain! booking hotel and stuff..;) This time I choose the ”Wild Orchid Villa” close to the Rambuttri area that I like! And also because my very good friend Thanwalai works there now so it’s a win win! :) Can’t wait to arrive in Bangkok it’s really my favourite big city.

Last week at work now! Woop Woop!;)

Pictures from Google.

Thailand is more than Beaches..

I love the countryside scenery it’s so GREEN and beautiful! So that’s one hobby that can keep me occupied in Man’s village.. Take beautiful pictures!;) Pictures of the Village, the surroundings, the National Park close by with its stunning waterfalls, the people, the old ones and the children who loves to be models!;)

These pictures was taken by my lovely friend Thanwalai..