Early morning walk in the Rubber jungle..;)







Yes, this morning I went out on a powerwalk together with 2 of the Family dogs Ramon and Sprite! ;) the dogs were superhappy Im not sure if someone ever walked with them before!? Some thais are not so big fan’s of walking.. :) And off course someone stopped and ask me if I needed help ha ha..:) But it was nice to walk there in the green quiet jungle.. Will make it to a routine!

Thailand is more than Beaches..

I love the countryside scenery it’s so GREEN and beautiful! So that’s one hobby that can keep me occupied in Man’s village.. Take beautiful pictures!;) Pictures of the Village, the surroundings, the National Park close by with its stunning waterfalls, the people, the old ones and the children who loves to be models!;)

These pictures was taken by my lovely friend Thanwalai..