How I MISS it all <3

sunsets<3 BANGKOK<3 Beach Nice views<3 Thanwalai in Koh Phangan March 2012   Thailand <3  Love the Green Nature SMILE! :)  Freeway Bar, Hing Kong Koh Phangan Cozy Wild Orchid Villa, where I stay.. THAIFOOD! <3 Yummy streetfood! 20121213-131229.jpg 20121225-124331.jpg 20130125-084543.jpg

20130127-101818.jpg 20130125-160058.jpg 20130102-150251.jpg

Want to book a ticket back asap!! ;)

I need Sunshine in my life..

Sweden is getting too dark and COLD for me now!!Yes! Im more than ready to go back to Thailand! I need BEACHES, heat, SUNSHINE, blue/green water, palmtrees, white sand, swimming, cold coconut shakes, khanom, exotic fruits, manao juice, sangsom:), motorbike rides,(well not after the sangsom:) MARKETS, streetfood, mogata bbq, sticky rice, somtam papaya, waterfalls, green jungle, SMILEY people!, Noodlesoup, HAMMOCKS, thai soap operas;), tuktuk, longtails, Livemusic and MAN!:)