@ Kwang Pao Beach


Vi var på Kwang Pao Beach efter vår båtutflykt när vi blev filmade av en ? Radiostyrd Helikopter kamera? No idéa what it was but COOL! ;)

Jag och Siriporn går på stranden och Mats, Göran och Hans tar ett svalkande dopp! :)

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Movie by: Altespfarrhaus

About how hard it is to be named ”Kai”;)


Man explained the meaning of this song like this..

Long time ago.. people who were fishermen in Thailand were all called ”Kai”. So the name Kai was not so good. Cause it ment like they were dark skinned(Some Asian people are obsessed with white skin) & poor fishermen and a little bit crazy so the women run away when this men come.. :) :)

So I guess it was not easy for a guy named ”Kai”!! ;)